House nº 1

Located next to São Domingos Church, Padre Lamônaco street 1, it was the residence of Lieutenant Manoel Ferreira Porto,in the beginning of the 19th century. It was also the first residence in Torres which counted on more comfortable facilities. Its first phase dates from around 1802 - 1806.
Auguste de Saint Hilaire (1779 - 1853) started his journey to Rio Grande do Sul via Torres in 1820 and wrote in his book that “ A church started to be built here, because there is a project for Torres to become the headquarters of a parish, and only the wood framework can be seen by now. After we cross the church, we get to a fort, the construction being finished at this precise moment, and to where the post soldiers' barracks and the lieutenant on command are. These buildings are situated on the western side of the hill [...] once arriving at the lieutenant’s house, I showed him my documents, being well received and accommodated in a small house, where I should stay alone and where the lake is seen from”.
It is believed that the house sheltered The Emperor Dom Pedro I on December 5th or 25th, 1826 ( although there are studies contesting the period of his staying in the house). But the fact is: D.Pedro I ranged the land of Torres twice. He came on military duty. While returning to the Imperial Court, he received the message about  Empress Dona Leopoldina’s death.

Rua Padre Lamonaco, 1, Torres - RS

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