Igreja São Domingos ( Saint Dominic Church)

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A Igreja Matriz de São Domingos é também conhecida como Igreja Matriz de São Domingos das Torres, em referência a São Domingos, invocado quando da criação da capela, e às formações geológicas junto ao mar (falésias) denominadas de “Torres” em documentos da administração colonial e imperial. Foi construída a partir de 1819 e inaugurada em 25 de Outubro de 1824.

Erected on the North Tower ( Morro do Farol). The church is one of the city settlement and development landmarks. Although local tradition refer tree “ Towers” ( north, middle and south), many other sets belonging to the same geological group compose the extraordinary local landscape. Such beauty was noticed by the naturalist Auguste Saint Hilaire .Passing by the region in 1820, the french traveller observed the beginning of the church construction, consisting of exclusive woodworking, according to registers. At this time , the construction of a fort, on the North Tower was being finished.,and the naturalist mentioned on the soldiers accomodation and alferes ( second- lieutenant) . Around 30 Guarani indian soldiers worked on the fortress building. They were prisioners from the battles of the Luso-Brazillian army and José Artigas from Uruguay, also contributing to the church construction

The instalation of the military garrisson on the top of the tower, under command of Alferes Manoel Ferreira Porto promoted the settlement of the first families and soldiers to the region, being considred the village founders. In 1826 , this settlement got elevated to Cured Chapel of São Domingos of Torres. At that time , chuch and state were closely connected. In Brazil under portuguese administration. the state conceeded value and recognition to the village only after church joining and after the chapel building. In general , the population evolved by three phases: Chapel , Parish and Villa., being the first two equivalent, nowadays, to Districts, and the last one , “town”.
As the Parish was still a religious- administrative division linked to birth certificates, , baptisms , marriage and deaths, the Villa status would imply a bigger political-administrative autonomy ,,allowing the installation of a City chamber, the construction of a pillory and a prison. São domingos de Torres reached the category of Villa by the provincial law nº 1152 from may 21st 1878 being held the original name dedicated to the patron and referred to the basalt formations that are part of the city´s unique landscape. On january 22nd 1890, through the decree n° 62 the Villa is raised to the category of town and the name was changed to “Torres” only. This change, as time passed, surely affected how the local population referred to the church, calling it only by “São Domingos de Torres” due to the name of the city is located.

The church was opened in 1824 and expanded in 1857-58 after maintenance work. In 1898 the tower was built to the left to the church, according to the inscription in the still existing inscription. In 1928, a ceiling lowering and a wall shoring were necessary. The building was restored in 2011 , with funds from several sources, being concluded in April, 2017.

Fonte: IPHAE.

São Domingos is the patron saint of Torres. The celebration city holliday in his praise is on august 8 th, the Saint who was born in Caleruega-Spain in 1170 and died in 1221. Before Domingos's birth his mother dreamed with a dog holding a burning torch that transmitted light all over the world. More than a dream, it was a profecy because Domingos de Gusmão- medium sized, redhair and beard and shiny eyes made nothing but iluminate his time and the Church with the Gospel Light. São Domingos de Gusmão is the founder and master of the Ordem dos Pregadores, as known as Dominicans.

He is also the patron of the astronomers, astronomy and Dominican Republic.

São Domingos de Gusmão contributed for the evangelization of people in Europe, leaving great marks in France and Italy, being the everlasting patron of Naples. He is entombed on the Bologna cathedral, his dying place. He got canonized by Pope Gregory IX in 1234.

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Prayer to São Domingos de Gusmão : Oh God, you were pleased to enlighten your church by the merits and teaching of your confessor blessed Dominic; grant that his intercession may procure for her continuous temporal help and a constant advance in spiritual growth. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unit of the holy spirit, God, for ever and ever, Amen


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