Lagoa do Violão ( Guitar Lagoon )

Located quite downtown, it has named because of its shape, similar to an acoustic guitar.

The lagoon has around 2 km2 of extension, having a walkway connecting downtown and Cal Beach.

It is a place for tours and hikes... the shore is full of wild trees that offer seasonal fruits like blackberries, pitanga and araçá..

Its surroundings are paved and illuminated.
Fishes, turtles and water birds can be watchedin its waters. The lagoon is a wildlife refuge that has increasingly been preserved.

OCARAPOTI LEGEND : The legend tells us about a ship which sank on Fur Seals Island. Only a crew member survived from the sinking and made reached the beach floating on his acoustic guitar. This young man was found by the daugther of the Indian tribe chief . He played his guitar to the tribe, amusing everyone with his musical abilities. The two fell in love but her father didn't permit it. Following the tribe tradition, he was sacrificed so that a paste with his body was made and used in a ritual. All members of the tribe believed they wouldacquire his musical gift. The poor girl weeped for days, embracing her lover's guitar and her tears formed the Lagoon.

Lagoa do Violão, Torres, RS

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