Farol Hill

Farol Hill ( Lighthouse Hill ) as known as North Tower is a intense visit spot due its wonderful view from upon the hill.

It is the first Tower visible from north and it's structure counts on a great platform where Torres downtown and the whole city developed on.

Cars and bikes are allowed to acess safely, being the favorite by tourists and residents to observe the magnitude of the sea and further beaches.

From there you can see the "'Ilha dos Lobos" Ecological Reserve. It is also a proper paragliding flights.

The hill is also an observatory of Right Whales,wich trace their path between August and November in search of warm waters to breed.

In 1977 the site sheltered an indian cemetery and São Diogo Fort. In 1911 the first lighthouse was built.

Three buildings were erected on the site already : The first one was a steelplate structure that did not last much . The first lighthouse with its Mitchell tower got inaugurated on january 25th 1912 by the lighthouse mechanic Alfred Kurtz Shultz and worked untill 1928. Produced by french BBT Barbier Bénard Turenne Constructers, acquired in 1908 by 15.020 francs . All material, including luminous source that remained on for 12 hours dayly consumed 7 liters of kerosene and weighed 30 Ton.

By the end of the 20's, another construction replaced the first lighthouse. A species of scaffold with a wheel upon it and colored windows. Inside, an oil lantern illuminated while the wheel spinned. Worked from 1928 untill 1952.

The current lighthouse is disabled and was inaugurated in 1952. That's a brickwork building, with tiles and wich is used by the ICM-Bio as a marine fauna observatory.

Morro do Farol, Torres, RS

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