Guarita State Park

Opening hours in low season : From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. . High season : from 7 a.m. from 7 p.m.

The person on foot is exempt from payment and vehicles in the municipality of Torres are exempt from charging.

High season ( from december 15th to may 1 st) 

Baixa temporada (2 de maio a 14 de dezembro) 

Parking fees
Single rate
Single rate
R$ 20,00
R$ 10,00
R$ 10,00
R$ 5,00
R$ 100,00
R$ 70,00
Bus / Motorhome
R$ 150,00
R$ 100,00

José Lutzenberger State Park - Guarita Park - is the main tourist attraction of Torres, sought by thousands of tourists for its unique landscape, formed by the contrast of the basalt towers with the sea, and for being an important geosite of the project “Geoparque Cânions do Sul”. The beach is appropriate for surfing.

Guarita State Park had its beginning with the promulgation of State Decree 21.540 from December 28th, 1971, being declared of public interest, for dispossession ends, with two areas located on the south urban side of the city. On October 14th 1981, the State declared Guarita Park a special tourist area, by Decree 30.377.

In 2003, the park had its name changed to “José Lutzenberger State Park” ,by state law 11.884 as a tribute  to the agronomist and environmentalist José Lutzenberger  (1926 - 2002),for being one of the promoters of the park's conception and execution.

Park Trails

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