The north coast includes many municipalities with a diversity of leisure options such as rural tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism among others. Besides amazing beaches, crowded centers and quiet beaches, the region is full of enchants and keeps an important Natural and Cultural heritage.

The region offers experiences that may be enjoyed anytime of the year, such as trails in the midst of the nature, magnificent waterfalls, dunes, hills, lakes and rivers.


Torres, Mampituba and Cambara do Sul are part of the UNESCO Caminhos do Sul World Geopark. The richness of the geological and cultural heritage of the region led to this achievement that marks a new stage in tourism in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Geoturism in Caminhos dos Canions do Sul Geopark offers plenty of touristic routes options inside the territory being a perfect destiny fot those who wish to know areas where geological formations are the main attractions, associated to the biodiversity and culture of the region.

Complete information about the Geopark and geoturism can be obtained at the site :

Guarita State Park, Torres

Besides impressive landscaping with rocky towers and cliffs, the park is considered a real open - air classroom perfect for observing the geological formations revealing important periods in the evolution of the planet and records of the separation of the continents. Inside the park, there are many trail options.

Visiting South tower, you can see Itapeva Beach, Guarita Beach and the Guarita Tower ( wheree is not possible to climb). On the North tower, different trails take to Cal Beach.

Itapeva State Park, Torres

The park is located 10 km from downtown Torres. The visit must be previously scheduled through the phone ( 51 ) 3626 3561, once the educational trail is guided by the park team.

The Conservation Unit has a rich biodiversity. In this paradise you can observe the Atlantic Forest Biome, flora, fauna, dunes and in the end, the sea.

See more details on the park´s official website by clicking here

Nossa Senhora Aparecida Shrine, Mampituba ( RS)

Known as the capital of the valleys and cascades, Mampituba is cozy and surprising . One of the city´s most famous attractions is the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Shrine. To get to the imagery that stands upon the hill, the acesss is by the the woods, with stairs and walkways , in escalade , considered high intensity.

In the end of the track it´s time to deliver to faith and contemplation. From the belbedere, you can see the Serra Geral canyons, Mampituba river and the Dentro and Pedra Branca river valleys, unspeakable beautiful landscaping.

Borges Waterfall, Mampituba ( RS )

Medium intensity trail formed by forest and a fauna and flora contemplation inviting scenario. In the end , and amazing waterfall .

The estimated time of the tour is 4 hours with stops for resting and bathing in the waterfall. The entrance to the trail must be booked in advance .

more info :


Torres is a touristic destiny that keeps on reiventing itself and offering new services and Tourism products. The city becomes even more beautiful when seen from above during a balloon flight, for example, where tourists can contemplate the blue of the ocean, the white of the sands, the green of the forests, the Guitar , Itapeva and the Alligator lagoons, the curves ofthe Mampituba river surrounding this beautiful city. There are plenty of experiences and sport activities that can be performed all year long.

- INTERNATIONAL BALLOONING FESTIVAL is the highlight of Torres´ events and the next edition will take place from April 27 th to May 1 st 2023. During th event , the city is filled with colorful tourists and pilots from various parts in Brazil and abroad who take part in the competitions offering a spectacle for the eyes of visitors. There are more than 30 editions that the city offers artistic presentations and paralel programming


The north shore is also a great option for sport lovers, specially in the midst of nature, like hikes. running, cycling and adventure sports like free flight and abseiling. The shore is also perfect for beach sports such as beach tennis, and beach soccer, with plenty of events held throughout the year attracting great audience.

Sportsmen and sportswomen find ideal spaces for practising a wide range of sports such as surfing, kite surfing, stand up paddle, canoeing, cycling, sky diving, ballooning among others.


Gastronomy is part of the cultural heritage being appreciated by tourists both in seafood restaurants and in delicious recipes and snacks offered on the countryside properties.

In Torres, the gastronomic route along the Mampituba River gathers excellent restaurant options having seafood as its specialty. The city also offers different restaurants and pubs offering elaborated dishes.

No Rural TourismIn Mampituba, the cuisine brings back countryside memories and reveals home made taste meals such as lunch and colonial coffee in rural properties.

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