Middle Tower or " Furnas" Hill

Located between the north tower( Farol hill) and the south tower( Outside Tower) is the middle ( meio) tower, as known as Morro das Furnas . Furnas is a kind of cave.

It' s the most imponent tower of the three and it is situated inside José Lutzenberger Guarita State Park.
In altitude it can reach 48 meters above sea level. It's got basalt cliffs that have been sculptured for million years by wind, rain and the sea itself that creates the furnas.
Some furnas distinguish themselves and can be seen easily like the gate where the little bridge is and the garage furnas. There are stairways that lead to Diamond Furna, Furninha and the big Furna.

By the superior side there's a natural pond named Lagoinha dos Suspiros , and a column head.

The most famous legend envolving this hill is related to the Diamond furna, that talks about a mermaid that shows up in full moon nights and may reveal where the famous diamond is hidden.

The visit may start on the Cal Beach and finish on the stairways that get on Guarita Beach. It's a place that deserves attention and precaution during the visit due to the risks it offers.


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