New year ´s Eve

The New year´s Eve in Torres this year promises to be a huge party. This edition´s main concert will be with the samba group named " Pixote", one of the most popular in the Country. Playing along in the night, the nationally famous DJ Danni Martin and the Local DJs Monkeyz and We Love Pandas . Plus, the Night Glow Ballooning spectacle .
There will be 14 minutes of fireworks in the Torres sky. By the seashore, attractions fpr all ages. There will be colored balloons there , a spectacle for all ages.

Throughout the party, the atmosphere is one of fraternisation and tranquility among people of different ages. People move early to celebrate on the shore of the Long Beach. Usually before 8 o clock of january 1 st, all seashore is cleaned be the Municipal department of works and services. They were 72 trucks of waste collected on the last edition, 70 % of wich was recyclable.

The new year´s eve celebration in Torres is realised by the city hall, trhough Municipal Tourism Office and supported by the remaining offices.

The air balloons, Torres trademark, wich is the national capital of Ballooning, will light the Long Beach sands with a beautiful spectacle of lights and sounds of 20 balloons on the Night Glow from 10 p.m. on . For the event´s sucess , the Prefecture counts with the support of the Pollice enforcement, State Police, Fire dept. Road Police among others.

Considered the biggest New year´s Eve party on the state of Rio Grande do Sul, spending the night turning in Torres is always a great party.
Come and party in Torres ! ! !


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