Mampituba River

Mampituba river forms the boundary of the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

The indian name " Mampituba" comes from Tupi-Guarani that means " River with lots of curves". The river, viewed from above " meander" in a very peculiar way. Balloon flights offer quite inspiring beauty appreciation.

It has its headwaters on the " campos de cima da serra", more precisely São Francisco de Paula and drains on to the Atlantic Ocean.

It was already scenario of great floods in the past when its mouth located around the existing "barrinha" in Passo de Torres town.

When the late mouth was silted up and rain fell intense, all " down" Torres became flooded. It was a great problem for residents and farmers.

The breakwaters solved the problem.

It is a proper river for boat rides and nautic sports like kayaking, stand up paddle, jet ski among others. Besides fishing boats, power boats go on tour around and landscape can be appreciated : mangroves, wild vegetation, birds and an unique sunset.


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